March 22




Two Chevrons + Michael Plater (Melbourne): Rics Bar March 22nd Free!

Michael is now a constant figure on the Melbourne music scene and with the release of his new album Mythologies only solidifying his reputation this will be a show not to be missed!!

Two Chevrons is the creation of Caroline Milne and Gravel Samwidge’s Mark Spinks (Scrabble) along with the help of Brisbane luminaries such as Mitchel Perkins from the brilliant Per Purpose and Clever this outfit has a thumping pedigree!


Homonculi is an exhibition that will include drawing, video, installation, sculpture and live performance that focus upon depictions of various hybrid forms. These works present a kind of personal mythology that feature imaginary forms and environments that sit somewhere between the animal, human, plant and non-human realms as well as drawing on the everyday and the subconscious.

The opening night performance will be a collaborative event that draws on notions of the ritualistic through experimentation with live sound, percussion, dance, circus and drawing

Opening Night
Thu 24 March
6pm – 9pm
A collaborative performance between Zoe Porter, Olivia Porter (Circus Oz) and Ben Ely (Regurgitator) from 6pm – 7.30pm

Joining local jazz performer, Nathan Seiler and his trio is Merinda Dias- Jayasinha, a young singer in her final year of studying jazz voice at the Queensland Conservatorium; she’s been tutored by songstress, Ingrid James and exposed to new styles of jazz through her studies.
Catch the new talent showcased at City Hall accompanied by Nathan Seiler Trio and supported by percussion and bass.

Clem Jones City Hall Concerts
Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 12 – 1pm



Brighten The Corners have local avant-garde Singer-Songwriter Julia R Anderson coming in to talk and play live-to-air!

Gorgeous have invited REBEL YELL (Grace Stevenson of 100%) in to play a few songs live-to-air!

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